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Exploring the Coronavirus Pandemic: Why Is Testing So Important?

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“Our key message is: test, test, test,” declared WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus on March 16 as the coronavirus pandemic began to spread exponentially. Although true figures on infections rates and death tolls are still unreliable at this point of the outbreak, it appears that countries like South Korea that adopted this mantra wholeheartedly with their aggressive testing regimes seem to have avoided the worst of the current crisis.

In a recent interview with Technology Networks, Marcus Walker and Matthew Donora from Open Cell, a startup lab facility in London that has created testing labs inside shipping containers, explained in greater detail exactly why testing is so important to combating a pandemic.

Walker and Donora say that mass testing is invaluable both in the early stages of an outbreak, to free up health workers, but also later on in the outbreak when states start to relax lockdown efforts.

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