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Latest eBooks

Vaccine Development Pipeline content piece image

Vaccine Development Pipeline

Vaccines are critical for the prevention of infectious diseases and improvement of global health. Better understanding of the immune system and the availability of advanced structural biology tools and genetic delivery systems have unlocked new possibilities to improve vaccine development.
Innovative Tools for Cancer Immunotherapies content piece image

Innovative Tools for Cancer Immunotherapies

This eBook highlights innovative tools to evaluate the potency of immunotherapies in vitro. It features an assay that is objective and easy to perform (non-invasive and stain-free), providing quantitative kinetic results under physiologically relevant conditions.
A drug capsule split open to reveal a molecule.

Drug Design and Discovery

This eBook will provide readers with an overview of drug discovery, design, kinetics and development, highlighting challenges and solutions, successes, various modalities and approaches.
AAV Purification and Scale Up content piece image

Harnessing Affinity Chromatography To Enhance AAV Purification

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are considered one of the most effective and safe ways to deliver therapeutic genes for the treatment of a wide range of genetic conditions.
Cell Metabolism: A New Avenue in Drug Discovery content piece image

Uncover New Drug Targets Through Cell Metabolism

Dysfunctional metabolism is associated with a growing number of different disease states. The ability to examine the genes, proteins and pathways that modulate energy metabolism is therefore a promising new avenue for drug discovery.
Using Immune Cell Metabolism To Build Next-Generation Cell Therapies content piece image

Using Immune Cell Metabolism To Build Next-Generation Cell Therapies

Greater appreciation for the complex and dynamic connections between metabolic poise and immune cell function enables researchers to monitor and control how metabolic reprogramming and microenvironmental signals affect the function, fate and fitness of immune cells.
Molecule of DNA, double helix, 3D illustration

Analytical Solutions for Gene Therapeutic Development and QC

Download this eBook to discover new analytical solutions to accelerate AAV-based gene therapy.
Development of Better LNP-Based Genetic Medicines content piece image

Development of Better LNP-Based Genetic Medicines

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are effective non-viral vectors, which are widely used delivery vehicles for genetic medicines. It is therefore important to understand and limit LNP-related impurities to help ensure genetic product integrity and mitigate risks to patient safety and product efficacy.
A light blue strand of DNA made from small circles.

Synthetic Biology

Download this eBook to explore how synthetic biology is being utilized in the development of cell and gene therapies, cancer therapeutics and improved food and agriculture production processes.
Resources and Tools To Accelerate Oligonucleotide Therapeutics to Market content piece image

Resources and Tools To Accelerate Oligonucleotide Therapeutics to Market

Oligonucleotide therapeutics are short DNA or RNA molecules that modulate the expression of target RNA for the treatment of diseases. The success of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines has brought renewed interest to other nucleic acid drugs, and the oligo therapeutics market is expected to grow by 25–30% in the next five years with over 1,000 oligonucleotide molecules currently in the pipeline.