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Anna MacDonald

Science Writer

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After obtaining a first-class honours degree in biological sciences from the University of East Anglia, Anna worked as a scientific conference producer before joining Technology Networks. As part of her role, Anna helps to coordinate coverage, working with key opinion leaders from industry and academia to produce content across all communities.

Latest Content
Human hand holding a digital globe representing connectivity and digitization.
Industry Insight

Exploring Key Challenges in Life Science R&D

Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Markus Gershater to learn more about Synthace's Lab automation & experimentation in life science R&D 2023-2024 report, its findings and their significance.
3 strands of DNA.
Industry Insight

Partnerships Provide Automated Library Preparation Solutions

We spoke to Amit Patel, product marketing director at PacBio, to learn more about PacBio Compatible, the new collaborations and what benefits they will bring to customers.
Quality written in white chalk on a blackboard.
Industry Insight

Maximizing Productivity in High-Volume QA/QC Labs

To learn more about the waters_connectTM System Monitoring Software and the benefits it offers, Technology Networks spoke to Dave Leitham.

Illustration of DNA double helices with a flame pattern in the background.
Industry Insight

Gene Expression Analysis in Cancer Research

We spoke with Bio-Rad’s Justin Barker to discover some of the challenges associated with gene expression analysis in oncology and learn about technology developments in this field.
Inside of an extracellular vesicle.
Industry Insight

Building the Future of Extracellular Vesicle Isolation

Hans van der Voorn tells us about some of the recent progress in the extracellular vesicle-based diagnostics and therapeutics landscape, particularly the need for industrial-scale EV isolation workflows.
Liquid Biopsies

Liquid Biopsies

This infographic takes a look at some of the benefits that liquid biopsies can offer and explores examples of recent developments in this field.
Illustration of cells seen through a magnifying glass

Cell Therapy

This infographic explores how cell therapies can be made and the potential diseases that they are, and could be, used to treat.
Cartoon of the Earth wearing a facemask.
Industry Insight

Developing Synthetic Affinity Reagents for Improved Diagnostics

To learn more about MIPS and why they are particularly suited for use in in vitro diagnostic assays, we spoke to Dr. Francesco Canfarotta, head of chemistry at MIP Discovery.
Organs on Chips:  Furthering Our Understanding of Disease content piece image

Organs-on-Chips: Furthering Our Understanding of Disease

Download this infographic to explore what OOCs are and how they are helping to further our understanding of disease.
Data Integrity Risks content piece image

Data Integrity Risks

Download this infographic to explore what data integrity is, why it is so important and how common data integrity risks can be avoided.