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A glucometer lies on pages of information on diabetes.

Druggable Protein’s Role in Obesity and Diabetes Defined

Researchers have identified a novel signaling molecule that could lead to the development of novel therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of obesity and diabetes.
A syringe and three glass vials.

Personalized mRNA Vaccine Could Be Used To Treat Pancreatic Cancer

An research team have been developing a personalized mRNA cancer-treatment vaccine approach. It is designed to help immune cells recognize specific neoantigens on patients’ pancreatic cancer cells.
A person in bed going to sleep.

Insomnia Medication Could Help Those Who Act Out Their Dreams While Sleeping

Mount Sinai researchers have published what they say is the first study to identify a new form of treatment for rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder.
A picture of a tablet.

First Oral Drug To Treat Moderate-to-Severe Crohn’s Disease Approved

Data from a Mount Sinai-led phase 3 trial published today in The New England Journal of Medicine show that upadacitinib, a breakthrough, once-daily oral medication, helps patients achieve and maintain clinical and endoscopic remission.
A speech bubble on a grey background.

How Science Can Choose Less Stigmatizing Language

Word choice matters—a lot— when it comes to research. That's the conclusion of a new study that analyzed HIV-related stigmatizing language published in scientific literature from 2010 to 2020.
The double helix structure of DNA.

CRISPR-Cas Could Reduce the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance

A new tool which could help reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance is showing early promise, through exploiting a bacterial immune system as a gene editing tool.
Red blood cells flow through a blood vessel.

Novel Culture System Improves Growth of Blood Stem Cells in the Lab

Hematopoietic stem cells can be transplanted into patients to treat various blood disorders, but this usage is limited by barriers to cell growth and expansion in the lab. A new system from the University of Tsukuba may have the answer.
A pair of white gloved hands draw liquid into a syringe from a vial.

Vaccine Trial Results Boost Hope of Eliminating Meningitis by 2030

A trial of a new vaccine against meningococcal disease, a cause of meningitis and blood poisoning, has found that it is safe and induces a strong immune response across five strains of meningococcal bacteria: A, C, W, Y and X.
Illustration that represents antibodies seeking the viral protein.

The Critical Protein Complex That Helps Lassa Virus Infect Human Cells

By comparing the structures of protein complexes from different lineages of the dangerous Lassa virus, a Scripps Research team identified new antibodies and vaccine targets.
A pair of gloved hands hold a petri dish containing pink liquid.

Bacteria Created That Can Synthesize an Unnatural Amino Acid

Researchers have engineered bacteria to produce an unnatural amino acid with a rare functional group that has implications in immune system regulation, providing a foundation for developing future immunotherapies.