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Latest News

A health care provider places a bandage on the injection site of a patient, who just received a vaccine and is wearing a black t-shirt and a face covering.

mRNA COVID Vaccine Effectiveness Lower in Immunocompromised People

A study has found that for immunocompromised adults, overall protection provided by vaccination was lower than for those without immunocompromising conditions.
Candida albicans under a magnification of 23X.

List of Fungal Pathogens That Are Becoming a Threat to Humanity Released by WHO

The first-ever list of the 19 fungi that represent the greatest threat to public health has been released by the World Health Organization.

Spacing COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Two- or Four-Weeks Apart Results in Similar Immunity

A clinical trial evaluating two different immunisation schedules for a new COVID-19 vaccine shows that both regimens generate a similar immune response, according to results published in eLife.

New Procedure To Find and Quantify Unintended Errors in Genome Editing

A Rice University lab is leading the effort to reveal potential threats to the efficacy and safety of therapies based on CRISPR-Cas9, the Nobel Prize-winning gene editing technique, even when it appears to be working as planned.
Visualisation of the COVID-19 virus.

Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Against Variants in Animals

Researchers have developed an intranasal vaccine for COVID-19 that, in hamsters, can fight off the original virus and two variants.
A picture of a mouse.

Oxytocin Derivative Improves Cognitive Impairment in Mice

An oxytocin derivative has been designed to be delivered intranasally, and studies in mice have shown that it can reverse amyloid beta-induced cognitive impairment.

Transcription Factor Required for Preprograming of Heart Fibroblasts Discovered

One promising strategy to remuscularize the injured heart is the direct cardiac reprogramming of heart fibroblast cells into cardiomyocytes. Researchers have identified TBX20 as the key missing transcription factor in existing cocktails for direct cardiac reprogramming of human fibroblasts.
Graphical illustration showing three white strands of DNA.

Genetic Study of Polynesian Population Offers Insights on High Cholesterol

Researchers have found a genetic variant that is relatively common among people of Polynesian ancestry but rare in most other populations and could improve understanding of the genetic underpinnings of high cholesterol in all people.
Yellow banana fruits on a brown surface.

Hope That Panama Disease in Bananas Can Be Controlled

According to research, major classes of fungicides do not work against a new race of the fungus that causes Panama disease in banana plants, but a more specialized class of anti-fungal chemistries could suppress disease and maintain banana plant health.
A pair of syringes on a yellow background.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Regimen Protects People With HIV in Clinical Trial

Results from an ongoing clinical trial show that a three-dose course of a hepatitis B vaccine protects people with HIV from contracting hepatitis B.