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arGEN-x N.V. Announces Changes to the Board of Directors

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arGEN-X N.V. has announced the resignation of non-executive directors Bruno Montanari and Harrold van Barlingen from the Board of Directors per 13 May 2015.

Mr. Van Barlingen has been involved with arGEN-X B.V. since 2008, Mr. Montanari joined as a supervisory director of arGEN-X B.V. in 2012. In line with the requirements of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, both directors will be replaced by independent industry professionals.

As announced on 1 April, Mr. D. deBethizy shall be recommended for appointment as non-executive director to the board during the annual meeting of shareholders of 13 May 2015. Furthermore, arGEN-X announces that Mrs. P. Klein has agreed to serve as an advisor to the board of directors as from 13 May 2015. Mrs. Klein is an experienced biotech and pharma executive with successful stints at Genentech as Vice President Oncology and at Intellikine as Chief Medical Officer.

The board of arGEN-X intends to recommend Mrs. Klein for appointment as non-executive director to the board at the next shareholders' meeting following the annual meeting of 13 May 2015.

“I have great confidence that the new Board will be instrumental in taking arGEN-X to the next level and continuing to build significant value for our shareholders. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bruno and Harrold for their very important contributions as Directors over the past years,” commented Peter Verhaeghe, Chairman of the Board of Directors.