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CordenPharma Announces Expanded Aseptic and Oral Development Capabilities

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As part of a long term strategy to meet increasing customer demands, CordenPharma has
completed two additional key investments to strengthen its development and manufacturing
capabilities for Drug Product service offerings across its Highly Potent, Oncology and Injectables

Firstly, CordenPharma is pleased to announce the completion and approval of its small-scale
aseptic filling line in CordenPharma Caponago (IT). This addition to the existing terminal
sterilization capabilities of the manufacturing facility will support customer development and
commercial programs by providing expert service in aseptic-filling of liquid and lyophilized vials andpre-filled syringes for small molecules and peptides.

CordenPharma is additionally pleased to announce the completion and approval of expanded
Development Capabilities (CTD2) for mid-scale (up to 20 kg) contained capacity of highly potent
and oncology oral dosage forms in its CordenPharma Plankstadt (DE) manufacturing facility.
This new and expanded capability provides customers a complete offering in the contained
manufacturing of oral dosage from grams to 150 Kg.

Ernesto Petroselli, President of CordenPharma International comments, “These new investments
in oral and aseptic development capacities strengthen our ability to serve customers earlier in the
pharmaceutical value chain. They are a clear indication of our overall commitment in responding to customers’ needs and are perfect complements to our existing API and Drug Product service
offerings within our Highly Potent, Oncology and Injectables Platforms.

In addition, we anticipate further capacity expansion in the second half of 2016 by the completion
of a second pharmaceutical oncology suite in CordenPharma Latina (IT) to provide extended
supply chain manufacturing services spanning development to commercial scale.”These expansions enhance CordenPharma’s service offerings in the sterile and containment fields spanning from development to well-established worldwide commercial supply.