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Crescendo Appoints Dr Barbara Fleck as Head of Intellectual Property

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Crescendo Biologics Limited (Crescendo) has announced the appointment of Dr Barbara Fleck as Head of Intellectual Property.

Barbara Fleck, a European and Chartered Patent Attorney, has over 13 years’ experience of Intellectual Property issues in the bio therapeutics field, including four years as a partner at Marks&Clerk LLP.

The appointment of Dr Fleck ensures that Crescendo is maximizing its IP position and potential for its Humabody™ products. The Company is rapidly expanding its oncology pipeline and IP portfolio by targeting a range of cancer indications where Humabody™ therapeutics such as Humabody™ Drug Conjugates and multi-specific immune-oncology (IO) modulators have the potential to deliver high-value therapeutics to patients.

The Company’s growing pipeline is based on its Humabody™ VH Technology. Humabodies combine the VH format of minimal size with the power of transgenic mouse technology – the gold standard in antibody therapeutics development – which confers the substantial benefits of in vivo maturation. As a result, Humabodies have excellent potency and druggability including superior CMC properties for drug development.

The Humabody™ VHs are 100% human and represent the smallest possible immunoglobulin fragments offering a range of plug & play options for generating novel multi-specific biologics. Humabody™ therapeutics are therefore expected to establish a valuable new class of therapeutics.

Dr Peter Pack, CEO of Crescendo Biologics, said: “Barbara’s appointment means that Crescendo now has a dedicated IP expert for its rapidly growing portfolio of Humabody™ therapeutics. She brings a unique combination of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, especially in the antibody field, ranging from patent portfolio development and management to prosecution and due diligence. As part of the management team, Barbara will provide invaluable senior level counsel to the Company on its IP strategy.”

Dr Barbara Fleck, the new Head of IP, added: “Crescendo is transitioning to a product-oriented oncology therapeutics company. Having worked as an external advisor with Crescendo for the last six years, I am now very pleased to join the Company’s Senior Leadership team at this pivotal time to ensure that Crescendo’s IP position remains strong.”

This announcement follows the appointment of antibody veteran Kevin Johnson as Chairman at the end of 2015.