Wing of Bat, Eye of Newt, Slime of Frog ...One of These Actually Cures Flu

News   Apr 19, 2017 | Original Story from Emory University

Frog Slime Peptide as a Universal Vaccine?

Skin secretions from the Indian frog Hydrophylax bahuvistara contain antiviral peptides. One peptide, which Emory researchers named urumin, can physicially destroy H1 influenza virions. Combination photo courtesy of Sanil George and Jessica Shartouny. Emory University/Rajiv Ghandi Center fo Biotechnology



The Discovery of Typhoid Toxin's Sweet Tooth Could Lead to New Treatments


"Our study shows that the typhoid toxin targets both the immune system and central nervous system... This represents a new paradigm in the infectious agents' incursion of the host." The new study shows how the toxin exclusively damages selected cells at the organism level, specifically seeking cells that express particular sugars because of their binding abilities.


Single-Dose Vaccine Could Provide Faster Protection in Cholera Epidemics


Each year there are more than three million cases of cholera worldwide, a disease transmitted through contaminated food and water that hits developing countries particularly hard. While the standard regimen for protecting against cholera with existing non-living oral cholera vaccines includes administering two doses over a two-week period, research now shows that giving a stronger single-dose of a live oral vaccine could be an effective tool in controlling outbreaks more quickly.


New Therapeutic Could Help in the Battle Against TB


In search of new antibiotics, researchers have developed a structural analogue of mycolic acid, the essential membrane building block. This drug blocks key enzymes used in mycomembrane biosynthesis, significantly increasing the effectiveness of conventional antibiotics. This could provide a novel approach for tuberculosis treatment.



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