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Genedata, Crescendo Biologics Partner

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Genedata has announced that Crescendo Biologics will use Genedata Biologics™ as its workflow platform. The platform will be used for both Crescendo's internal and its partnered Humabody®-based therapeutics programs, with the aim of increasing throughput and efficiency in discovery and development. 


The Genedata Biologics software will streamline and accelerate Crescendo's R&D programs, which are based on a novel class of small, robust protein therapeutics comprising fully human single VH domain building blocks (Humabody® VH). The Humabody® building blocks can be readily configured into an almost limitless number of multi-functional constructs which optimally engage therapeutically valuable targets.


Genedata Biologics enables a high throughput, systematic approach to the identification of novel therapeutic candidates, allowing for simultaneous optimization of both bioactivity and biophysical parameters. Crescendo will use the software to facilitate swift identification and tracking of potential drug candidates with superior potency and developability.


"Due to the complexity and scale of our product design activities and the vast amounts of data generated during candidate testing, we needed to implement a scalable system to work as a backbone for all our R&D activities," said Dr. Thomas Sandal, VP R&D at Crescendo Biologics. "Thanks to its flexible architecture, Genedata Biologics can truly support our entire discovery process - right through from the immunization of transgenic mice, to lead selection, molecular modification and final candidate assessments. Genedata Biologics is a key component of our growth plans in the immuno-oncology and next-generation ADC space."


"We are very pleased that Genedata Biologics is quickly being adopted by innovation-drivers in the immuno-oncology field such as Crescendo Biologics. Our footprint across the global biopharma R&D community is growing, as is the breadth of the application fields addressed by our platform," said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. "Companies with cutting-edge R&D technologies like Crescendo Biologics are important partners as we continue to develop and expand Genedata Biologics to keep pace with the latest scientific advances."


In the five short years since its first release in 2011, Genedata Biologics has been rapidly adopted by more than half of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies. Genedata's collaborations range from single group installations to large, global, multi-site partnerships and include technology transfer, customizations, project management, training, and roll out and deployment support.

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