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InfinityQS Demonstrates Quality’s Impact on the Vaccine Manufacturing Chain in New eBook

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InfinityQS International, Inc. has published an eBook, “Transforming the Vaccine Manufacturing Chain: How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Ensure Quality and Accelerate Time to Market.” This new eBook discusses why quality must play a more prominent role in vaccine production and demonstrates how technology can help overcome the quality challenges of the increasingly complex, global pharmaceutical supply chain. The eBook is available for download at www.infinityqs.com/Vaccine_eBookPR.

Within this eBook, quality managers in the life sciences space will discover how a Manufacturing Intelligence system, or quality hub, can strengthen the entire supply chain by turning the following challenges into opportunities:

Data Proliferation: The intricacies of the pharmaceutical supply chain, rapid advances in medical science, and increasingly sophisticated vaccine formulations create vast amounts of data. A quality hub helps better manage big data by enabling real-time data collection and breaking down silos of disparate information. As a result, operators can proactively monitor quality and take action before issues occur, while management can leverage these data to identify areas for improvement.
The Global Supply Chain: Many manufacturers rely on multiple locations and suppliers across the globe to produce a single vaccine. With a cloud-based quality hub, manufacturers can attain a complete view of quality data across the entire supply chain from anywhere at any time. This insight ensures the quality of the final product, expedites time to market and supports the organization’s entire global strategy.
Regulatory Requirements: Increasingly complex regulatory requirements, like 21 CFR Part 11, force manufacturers to not only implement additional processes to maintain compliance, but also to validate these processes. A quality hub provides quick access to meaningful data that can be easily configured into reports to ensure compliance throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.

Michael Lyle, president and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “With more vaccines on the market and a growing worldwide demand, manufacturers are under a great deal of pressure to generate enough vaccines that comply with the industry’s stringent regulations. Today’s manufacturers must place a greater emphasis on their quality programs and consider the benefits of a Manufacturing Intelligence system in order to quickly and efficiently produce safe, high-quality vaccines that keep people healthy and save lives.”