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Symyx IntelliChem Delivers New and Enhanced Functionality in Intelligent ELN Platform

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Symyx Technologies have announced the release of the Symyx IntelliChem iELN version 5.0 suites, advancing the company's intelligent electronic lab notebook (iELN) software.

Symyx IntelliChem's electronic lab notebook software enables scientists in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and energy companies to replace paper lab notebooks while increasing productivity and data accessibility.

The version 5.0 release expands the capabilities of electronic lab notebooks by introducing new tools for parallel experimentation, advanced enterprise-level workflow, and enhanced security functionality and performance. In addition, Symyx IntelliChem has strengthened its Formulations suite, the iELN product specifically designed for pharmaceutical formulators.

"The Symyx IntelliChem iELN is unique in its ability to provide an enterprise-level single platform for global research while at the same time providing tailored user interfaces that help scientists perform daily tasks more effectively," said Paul Nowak, chief operating officer of Symyx Technologies.

"The IntelliChem iELN version 5.0 release extends these strengths across research and development: the new features and enhancements were driven by our relationships with leading companies, and we are confident that the marketplace will benefit from the results."