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U.S. EPA Licenses Simulations Plus’ Admet Predictor™ Software

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Simulations Plus, Inc. has announced that it has received a purchase order from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its ADMET Predictor™ software.

Ron Creeley, vice president of marketing and sales for Simulations Plus, said: “This is our first software license from the EPA. We’re especially pleased that they have recognized the value of ADMET Predictor’s Toxicity Module and our new Enslein Metabolism Module in their work.  Many people don’t realize that in addition to pesticides and industry chemicals, drugs also can pose a potential environmental hazard, because a large portion of drugs are thrown away instead of being taken.”

“Eventually these drugs, as well as the excipients that are packaged with them, end up in our sewage treatment and landfill systems, from which they can reach fresh water streams and the oceans, or they can be blown into the air as dust and spread over large areas. So it’s important for both the EPA, the chemical industry, and drug manufacturers to consider not only how new molecules accomplish their designed purpose, but also how the environment could be affected if and when they get into our air or water,” Creeley continued.