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Zenith Technologies, GE Healthcare Announce Collaboration

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Zenith Technologies and GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business have announced a collaboration to support biopharmaceutical manufacturing deployment. As part of the partnership, Zenith Technologies’ methodologies, systems and libraries will be offered as a service to GE Healthcare’s clients in bioprocessing. The combined offering is aimed at helping biopharmaceutical manufacturers increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The two companies will integrate process control systems, manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions and other supporting technologies with GE Healthcare’s start-to-finish technologies and solutions for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Jan Makela, general manager at BioProcess GE Healthcare said: “The development of our KUBio modular manufacturing facilities and Flex Factory single-use manufacturing platform was fuelled by the need for customers to deploy biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity more quickly and at a lower cost.”

“Implementing these advanced technology platforms requires automation expertise for which we partner with a number of world class companies. With Zenith Technologies’ expertise in automation integration and customer support, we will be able to offer more choice to customers.” Brendan O’Regan, founder at Zenith Technologies, said: “This is a significant milestone in our development and ushers in a new era of opportunity for both companies.

“GE offers an unprecedented solution to our pharmaceutical customers to help rapidly deploy capacity and significantly reduce time to market. Combined with our manufacturing software systems and on the ground, global support services, we can help biopharmaceutical manufacturers improve their processes and ultimately increase their competitiveness.”

Headquartered in Cork and with 14 offices globally, Zenith Technologies delivers manufacturing software systems that enable life science businesses to be compliant and competitive. The company combines pharmaceutical industry expertise and full life-cycle support, including managed services, with a portfolio of technology application and platform experience.