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Abzena Showcases Antibody Discovery and Developability Services

Abzena Showcases Antibody Discovery and Developability Services content piece image
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Abzena is showcasing its Discovery and Developability Services, enabling biopharmaceutical companies to generate high-affinity antibodies and select lead candidates with the highest chances of clinical success at the 11th Annual Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit (PEGS Europe) being held 18–22 November, at the Lisbon Congress Centre, Lisbon, Portugal.

Abzena offers a Discovery Service that harnesses murine immunization to generate antibodies with high affinity and desired functional properties. This is integrated with full Developability Services to assesses the fundamental characteristics of drug design – specificity, functionality, safety and manufacturability – to ensure the probability of identifying antibodies with appropriate therapeutic utility and maximize the chances of clinical success.

Campbell Bunce Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Abzena, commented: “The development of biologics takes time, is expensive and subject to safety, functionality, stability and scalability liabilities. Having worked with hundreds of drug candidates, Abzena’s Discovery and Developability Services offer a defined approach that applies our expertise to guide the discovery and selection of the best drug candidates and reduce the risks that can significantly impact the time and cost typically associated with biopharmaceutical R&D.”

“Maximizing the chances of therapeutic utility and clinical success drives our Discovery and Developability Services: from providing custom strategies for generating high-affinity antibodies, to our Developability Service for selecting lead candidates and identifying measures that will mitigate risks,” added Rob Holgate Ph.D., Senior Director of Protein Engineering at Abzena.