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Advanced Cell Technology Unveils ACTCellerate Technology Platform

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Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. has announced that it will participate at the European Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2006, June 5-7, at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London, United Kingdom.

Michael D. West, Ph.D., Chairman, President and Chief Scientific Officer, is scheduled to take part in a panel discussion titled Realizing Therapeutic Potential, on Wednesday, June 7th.

Dr. West will discuss strategies for the accelerated development of therapeutics from human embryonic stem cells, introduce the Company's ACTCellerate technology platform, and show data on the first new differentiated cells derived using the technology, designated ACTC60.

The Company's proprietary ACTCellerate platform was invented by the Company as a means of accelerating the differentiation of cells from human embryonic stem cells, thereby expanding potential products made from embryonic stem cell technology.

"We are impressed by the ease by which we are able to add new differentiated cells to our pipeline of potential products," said Michael West.

"We believe that our proprietary ACTCellerate technology will allow us to significantly reduce the time required to differentiate important cells that will become target products."

"While the embryonic smooth muscle cell line ACTC60 is still very early in the development process, and is still considered only a product candidate, it represents the first of what we believe will be an impressive pipeline of potential new products for a wide array of medical applications."

"The ACTCellerate technology will generate a solid pipeline of differentiated cells derived from hESC cell lines that are scalable, many of which are cell types not previously isolated," said William Caldwell, ACT's Chief Executive Officer.

"We are excited by the prospect of turning the most promising of these new cell types into marketable products in medicine."

Dr. West's presentation will be available for viewing at the Company's web site.