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AlivaMab Discovery Services Expands Discovery Agreement with IGM Biosciences

AlivaMab Discovery Services Expands Discovery Agreement with IGM Biosciences content piece image
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AlivaMab Discovery Services (“ADS”), a leader in the discovery of superior antibody therapeutics, announced an expanded agreement with IGM Biosciences (“IGM”). ADS will rapidly discover diverse panels of human antibodies for the development of engineered antibody-based therapeutics by IGM. The multi-target agreement occurs after the successful conclusion of a pilot project in which ADS identified and delivered to IGM a panel of combinatorially diverse, potently functional, high-affinity antibodies in less than three months.

“With next-generation therapeutic antibody modalities, obtaining a large number of diverse, functionally confirmed antibodies for engineering into the final product is essential to achieve the ultimate functional and developability design goals,” said Justin Mika, CEO of AlivaMab Discovery Services. “The ADS team, with over a century of total experience in antibody drug discovery, engineering and development, has created discovery platforms that deliver molecularly diverse, drug-quality human antibodies with unsurpassed speed and efficiency. By combining the ADS team's deep experience and know-how with a battery of customized, high-throughput discovery strategies, including function-first screening, ADS shortens timelines and increases the quantity and diversity of antibodies that meet or exceed project design goals."

About AlivaMab Discovery Services

AlivaMab Discovery Services (ADS) sets its partners’ antibody discovery programs on the fastest and most de-risked path through discovery and development. Trusted by top-tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, ADS delivers drug-quality, fully human antibodies on exceptional timelines. ADS achieves its partners’ design goals, from simple to extraordinarily challenging, through the generation and function-first screening of large, molecularly diverse panels of antibodies. ADS focuses on rapid and efficient delivery of antibodies, characterized for function, kinetics and developability, and engineering for alternative formats, including multi-specifics and CARs. The ADS team’s experience and passion for antibody drug discovery and development combined with the use of trusted, proven technologies, including Ablexis' AlivaMab® Mouse platforms, ensure the highest probability of success. For more information, please visit www.alivamab.com or email info@alivamab.com.