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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Partners With Flownamics on Bioprocess Culture Monitoring Solution

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Partners With Flownamics on Bioprocess Culture Monitoring Solution content piece image
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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences announces a partnership with Flownamics to create an automated, on-line solution for bioprocess culture monitoring and control. This delivers a critical and practical update to the significant unmet need for automated, real-time cell analysis in the current bioprocessing environment.

The agreement unites the company’s Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer with the Seg-Flow S3 Automated On-Line Sampling System from Flownamics to create a seamless user experience.

“This is a great combination to create a precise, rapid cell analysis platform for real-time characterization of bioprocess cell cultures,” said Bhagya Wijayawardena, product manager for the Vi-CELL BLU analyzer. “Our mission at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is to be a trusted partner to help reduce errors, automate workflows, and expedite turnaround time. We’re excited to collaborate with Flownamics to bring this synergy to labs around the world looking for bioprocessing solutions.”

Industry trends are moving toward the implementation of automated process analytical technology (PAT) strategies that are designed to bring analytics closer to the operation, eliminate gaps in real-time process monitoring, and develop a deeper understanding of the bioprocess. By integrating the two products into one workflow, a robust, rapid cell analysis PAT platform is now available for real-time cell characterization of bioprocess cell cultures.

This automated integration removes error-prone manual steps while enabling load-and-go sample runs for up to eight bioreactors, GMP compliance with electronic data management, and continuous control of viable cell density, including remote workflows. The duo also helps remove manual sample preparation and sample dilution.

The user-friendly Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer features large sample capacity while fully automating and expediting sample preparation, analysis, and post-run cleaning, with the option to use a 24-position sample carousel or a 96-well plate for sample delivery. Cell viability can be reported in percentage, concentration and cell count, and instrument software features data integrity tools for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

“As a worldwide leader in autosampling for bioprocess, Flownamics is proud to introduce this new integration of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ Vi-CELL BLU analyzer and the Flownamics Seg-Flow S3 Sampling System,” said Michael Biksacky, President of Flownamics. “This new strategic relationship will provide users with a hands-free, consistent sampling process within a fully automated on-line system.”

The Seg-Flow S3 Automated On-Line Sampling System features robust hardware coupled with the intuitive handling of tubing with intelligent pinch valves and non-contact ultrasonic sensors. A series of LED status lights indicate the phases of sampling and the sequence of cleaning. The user interface offers intuitive menus with planning options and reagent status information.