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BioCrystal Commercializes Cell Culture Technology

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BioCrystal has announced the launch of OptiCell - a versatile, disposable cell culture tool.

An article titled "Cell Culture Advances Enable Better Biology," in the January 1, 2006 issue of Genetic Engineering News, raises issues associated with the need for better cell culture practices - processes that closely model in vivo conditions, improved sterility, devices for material storage and transfer, and turnkey media-to-cell culture packaging.

OptiCell is comprised of a hermetically sealed sterile chamber formed by two gas-permeable, transparent membranes sealed onto a microtiter plate-size plastic frame.

The film permits differential O2 and CO2 exchange between the atmosphere and the internal chamber space in a ratio that is optimal for proper maintenance of the aerobic metabolism of cells, and a balanced pH in the cell culture medium.

OptiCell is accessible through integrated self-sealing ports that provide a sterile fluid path to the chamber interior.

OptiCell’s patented design and construction make it the ideal tool for cell culture and subsequent procedures including in situ microscopy, time lapse studies, in situ immunocytostaining, transfections, single-cell cloning, and shipping live cells - direct from incubator to mailer to incubator.

Cells are in contact with media at all times, facilitating OptiCell’s use in automated cell culture practices.

OptiCell offers the ability to separate and scale up a selected cell population in the same sterile environment. OptiCell is also well suited for continuous, laboratory-scale antibody production.

BioCrystal will collaborate with others in developing bioreagent-coupled OptiCell products that offer the means to simplify and streamline cell culture practices.

BioCrystal will feature OptiCell at the AACR Meeting (Booth 1325) in Washington DC April 1-5.