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Bosch Packaging Technology to Demonstrate New Turnkey Packaging Solution for Powders

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At Achema 2012 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Bosch Packaging Technology exhibits its new packaging system that integrates a stick pack machine and a flow wrapping machine (Hall 3.1, booth C70 and C72).

A seamless interface between the primary and secondary packaging machines maintains output quality, helps to eliminate downtime and ensures the system provides optimal performance.

The system is suitable for the handling of a wide range of granulates, powders and pellets, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry and is designed to provide highly accurate dosing via sophisticated filling augers.

The new system’s primary packaging consists of the 10-lane vertical Sigpack RA Stick Pack machine, which provides precise dosing through its patented servo-controlled filling augers.

An in-line weighing system ensures that each processed stick pack contains the precise amount of product and provides feedback to controls that regulate and adjust dosing levels.

These technologies help manufacturers to save costs through enhancing accuracy, which is essential for companies working with costly products such as pharmaceutical powders.

In comparison with other pack styles, such as sachets, the stick pack allows manufacturers to use 30 percent less packaging material when filling. Additionally it enhances convenience for the end user.

In the new system, the filled and sealed stick packs are counted and grouped before being moved through a seamless interface to the secondary packaging unit, the Sigpack HCM horizontal flow wrapper.

This machine is capable of wrapping up to 1,000 stick packs per minute, and provides manufacturers with extensive flexibility, as the secondary packaging can be easily modified to contain varying numbers of packs.

Bosch has designed this new turnkey packaging system for reliability and robustness, with easy access to working parts for maintenance and cleaning.

The system is also compliant with GMP-standards (Good Manufacturing Practice), featuring a cantilever design that completely separates process and drive units.

Additionally its ergonomic operating height allows for a direct view into the packaging process while its casing provides safety and noise protection for operator safety benefits. Depending on application requirements, rejected product can be collected in lockable containers.

Frank Bühler, Product Manager for Bosch Packaging Technology, said, “We’re seeing growing demand for Stick Packs due to the convenience, minimal material requirements and easy and safe opening of this pack style. The combination of the Sigpack RA and HCM machines in this packaging system allows manufacturers to bring this pack style to market efficiently and safely. It ensures precise dosing at high cycle speeds and we are pleased to have the opportunity to present it to pharmaceutical manufacturers at Achema in June."