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CatSci Further Strengthens its Customer-Focused Strategic Advisory Board

CatSci Further Strengthens its Customer-Focused Strategic Advisory Board  content piece image
Credit: CatSci
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CatSci has appointed three key industry thought leaders to its Strategic Advisory Board (SAB), Dr Rob Harris, Kate Smith and Dr Robert Dennehy. Their addition will enable CatSci to explore exciting CRO and CDMO-specific opportunities for its customers.

These appointments will significantly contribute to the current knowledge base of the SAB, which counsels on technical innovation opportunities to enable strategic growth. To continue providing optimal support to CatSci’s customers in an evolving pharmaceutical landscape, Rob, Kate and Robert will be responsible for creating a roadmap to realize CatSci’s vision of a fully integrated molecule to medicine company, with cGMP capabilities.

Dr Rob Harris is an established leader in the drug product development space, with a proven track record of building science-led UK businesses. With 15 years of CDMO-specific experience and 35 years in pharmaceutical R&D, he most recently worked as the Director of Science & Technology at Catalent. Rob is leading CatSci’s strategy to evaluate early development activities beyond drug substance.

Kate Smith currently works as Director of Quality Assurance at Penn Pharma, a PCI Company, specializing in high potent drug products. An EU QP with 15 years of wide-ranging experience in delivering quality assurance teams and projects within pharmaceutical development and manufacture, Kate will aid CatSci in its analytical development, including cGMP options. 

Dr Robert Dennehy is a Principal Consultant at API Particle Development Ltd .with 27 years of industry experience gained at GSK. This experience – the latter of which was at a Senior Director level – covers all stages of development, from pre-phase I solid state selection through to QbD regulatory filing. In addition, Robert has led the technical development of major assets to market and will support CatSci through his expertise in pre-formulation and pharmaceutical development.

Meeting twice a quarter, the SAB advises CatSci on any technical opportunities, enabling it to make well-informed decisions as part of its strategic growth plan. Looking to 2026, CatSci has a long-term goal of adding 500 new, high-value jobs. By utilizing the SAB’s breadth of expertise across different aspects of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC), resources can be invested wisely to power CatSci’s growth. This will ensure that investment decisions are continually adding value to customers, allowing more projects to be fulfilled and bringing more best-in-class therapeutics to those in need.

Kate Smith, Director of Quality Assurance at Penn Pharma, a PCI Company said: “It’s a real privilege to be involved with the CatSci SAB. I'm greatly looking forward to using my own experience to contribute towards identifying innovative scientific solutions that both customers and regulators can trust.”

Dr Rob Harris, Director at Beyond Quality, said: “I am a strong believer in the importance of adopting a ‘science-led’ approach as a guiding principle for technical-based service providers, and I have found that such an approach can lead to real success. I am delighted to have been invited to join CatSci’s SAB and help turn these principles into future successes.”

Dr Robert Dennehy, Principal Consultant at API Particle Development Ltd. said: “I am really excited at the prospect of growing the materials sciences capability at CatSci. I believe that good science and sound methodology are key in making the best decisions in developing a drug. The culture at CatSci is dynamic and innovative; together with my industry experience, our partnership will be a winning combination!”

Dr Ross Burn, CEO, said: “It is exciting to see CatSci continue to grow. Adding more members to our SAB ensures that we are constantly adding value to our customer base, as we continue to accomplish our long-term vision of growth for CatSci.”