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Cenetron Announces Launch of GlobeSync Pharma Data Portal

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Cenetron Diagnostics, Ltd. has announced that it has implemented GlobeSync, an advanced WEB-based data portal for global clinical trials.

Accoridng to Cenetron, GlobeSync allows pharma study managers, study monitors, and investigators secure, real-time access to laboratory results and to a variety of customized reports. GlobeSync™ is directly linked to Cenetron's specialized version of its STARLIMS® Laboratory Information Management System. Data blinding and report access limitations by user roles are programmed for each individual clinical trial.

The combination of the reporting features, advanced security, data integrity, and audit trail capabilities of STARLIMS and GlobeSync can enable Cenetron to meet the stringent requirements of its pharmaceutical clients--for timely reports, for data transfers, for full compliance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 guidelines, and for real-time reports ranging from individual subject results to study-wide trend analysis.

"The launch of GlobeSync is another step in providing a seamless flow of high quality data to our pharmaceutical clients," said Dwight DuBois, President of Cenetron.

"We are able to custom create visually appealing, intuitive reports, that provide managers an accurate, timely snapshot of patient screening and enrollment, laboratory testing, and a clear view of individual subject and study-wide results. GlobeSync has been enthusiastically received by our clients, who have found the system easy to use, and a very valuable management tool."