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Cost Effective Customizable ELISA Assay Kits

The ELISA assay kits.
Credit: Amsbio.
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AMSBIO has announced a new range of customizable ELISA assay kits designed to enable experienced researchers to achieve reliable and reproducible assay results.

With over 500 ELISA kits to choose from, the new range covers a wide variety of biological processes, targets, and sample types. Reagents such as matched antibody pairs and a micro-ELISA pre-plate have been carefully screened and validated to save you time and money.

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By combining uncoated ELISA and Ancillary reagent kit with optimized and pre-titrated reagents, researchers can enhance the reliability of their ELISA assay development.

AMSBIO customized ELISA also offers great flexibility for both multiple packaging options and detection methods systems such as colorimetric, chemiluminescence CLIA and other techniques. This packaging flexibility enables researchers to choose different sample quantities to meet the requirements of their own testing protocols. Additionally, the assay kits offer researchers the flexibility to adjust coating concentration and match buffer solutions, optimising protocols and further reducing cost per assay.