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DeNovix Releases New Budget-Friendly 1 µL UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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DeNovix introduces the DS-7 Spectrophotometer, a new 1 uL UV-Vis spectrophotometer in the DS-Series Quantification Range.


The DS-7 Spectrophotometer is designed to equip budget-conscious labs with high performance, full spectrum UV-Vis measurements (190 - 840 nm) for DNA, RNA and protein quantification. Based on the award-winning DS-11 technology, DS-Series instruments offer accurate, flexible quantification with a wide choice of models and measurement options.

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The DS-7 Spectrophotometer provides rapid and reliable 1 µL UV-Vis quantification (2 - 15,000 ng/µL dsDNA), as well as an optional cuvette mode for applications such as kinetics or OD600 measurements. Like other DS-Series instruments, EasyApps™ software contains pre-configured applications for each of the most commonly measured biomolecule types. Devices also include a 7” High Definition Touchscreen, USB and label printer exporting, four color choices, and a two year warranty.


“With increasing needs for UV-Vis and fluorescence measurements, the quantification requirements of researchers and educators are evolving quickly,” said Andrew Jones, Market Development Manager of DeNovix. “It’s important for researchers to have quantification results they can trust. With the addition of the DS-7 to the DS-Series, we are making our high quality performance available to labs that require a more budget-friendly option.”