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EMD Biosciences Launches the ProteoPlex® Human Angiogenesis Array

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EMD Biosciences, Inc. has announced the launch of the ProteoPlex® Human Angiogenesis Array.

This array is designed to provide a complete solution to simultaneously determine the levels of 8 angiogenesis-associated cytokines, or growth factors, from 10 sera samples or tissue culture supernatants.

The Human Angiogenesis Array, is the third in the ProteoPlex series, which also includes the Human Cytokine Array and the Murine Cytokine Array.

Conventional angiogenic cytokine measurements are based on single analyte detection requiring multiple kits and large sample volumes to test for multiple proteins.

In contrast, the ProteoPlex Arrays require only 50 microliters of sample material to determine concentrations of 8 - 12 different growth factors.

Angiogenesis is a focal point in identifying new targets for controlling cancer. The initiation and growth of new blood vessels is a process that occurs early in tumor progression and also accompanies the growth and invasion of existing tumors.

Associated with angiogenesis are a group of growth factors (or angiogenic cytokines) that provide both positive and inhibitory signals in this process.

The simultaneous quantitation of a variety of growth factors is important to gauge the status of a cell system or organism.