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Fc Receptor Protein Collection

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AMSBIO has announced an extensive collection of recombinant Fc receptor proteins, including their common variants, to help accelerate the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAb).

Therapeutic antibody efficacy depends not only on the Fab fragment and its binding activity to the target antigen, but also depends on the Fc fragment and its interaction with key Fc receptors.

As a consequence screening for desired binding affinity to the key Fc receptors is an essential component in the development of a high quality therapeutic mAb.

Recombinant Fc Receptor proteins from AMSBIO are uniquely suitable for pharmaceutical research. All proteins are analyzed by SDS-PAGE and HPLC to guarantee their high purity / quality and supplied binding quality validated by both Surface Plasmon Resonance and ELISA.

Being expressed in HEK293 cells these recombinant Fc Receptor proteins retain their authentic post-translational processing leading to high bioactivity and stability.

The proteins are also available in a ready-to-use biotinylated format that makes assay development much faster and easier. The biotin-labelled proteins from AMSBIO are produced using proprietary in-house labelling techniques, which maintains the high bioactivity and avoids batch-to-batch variation.