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GenNext Technologies Announces Protein Footprinting Patent for Breakthrough Technology

GenNext Technologies Announces Protein Footprinting Patent for Breakthrough Technology content piece image
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GenNext Technologies, Inc., a growth-stage company that provides instrumentation, software, and services to structural biology researchers within the biopharmaceutical industry, announced today that nearly $7M (US) in NIH grant awards has led to a seminal US patent for its novel technology that vastly improves the utility of protein footprinting for the study of biopharmaceutical higher order structure.

GenNext Technologies is honored to have earned a total of nine National Institute of General Medical Sciences grant awards to support the development of their breakthrough Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF) instrumentation and data processing software, known as the Flash Oxidation (Fox™) Protein Footprinting System.

This powerful, compact, and cost-effective platform enables researchers to conduct reproducible HRPF experiments quickly, easily, and safely. The Fox™ System reveals important information about protein interactions and structural changes, leading to the development of safer and more effective biotherapeutics.

A GenNext HRPF study can answer scientific questions that previously required difficult, expensive, and time-consuming nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray crystallography or cryo-electron microscopy experiments. Alternatively, researchers would have to combine multiple techniques such as circular dichroism spectroscopy, size-exclusion chromatography, and light-scattering analysis to generate less informative results than running a single GenNext HRPF experiment.

In recognition of GenNext’s novel technology, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent US 10,816,468 B2 for "Flash Photo-Oxidation Device and Higher Order Structural Analysis." This patent protects the company’s proprietary technology and knowhow that enable, for the first time, real-time assessment of photo-chemical reactions and provide robust reproducibility, while substantially improving ease-of-use.

"The mission of GenNext is to help researchers quickly and easily elucidate the critical role that protein structure plays in the safety, stability, and biological function of biotherapeutics," said Scot R. Weinberger, Founder and CEO of GenNext. "By integrating our novel instrumentation and data processing software into their structural biology workflow, our customers can answer key drug development questions in days rather than weeks or months. We look forward to helping our customers accelerate the development of safer and more effective drugs to improve human health."