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Grace Makes CPhI Debut with Advanced Carrier Solution for Challenging Liquid APIs

Grace Makes CPhI Debut with Advanced Carrier Solution for Challenging Liquid APIs content piece image
Credit: Myriam Zilles/ Unsplash
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W. R. Grace & Co. today announced it will unveil a new pharmaceutical formulation solution, SYLOID® XDP silica, at CPhI Worldwide 2021, which takes place virtually Oct. 25-Nov. 19 and in-person Nov. 9-11 in Milan, Italy. SYLOID® XDP silica is a patented, pharmaceutical-grade novel carrier that converts liquid, waxy, or oily active ingredients into free-flowing powders.

This processing innovation, which is produced using GMP, benefits both patients and pharmaceutical manufacturers. It enables the conversion of liquid APIs into more convenient dosage forms giving patients more variety, including hard capsules, tablets, stick packs, and sachets.

With a specially designed porous structure, this mesoporous synthetic silica-based processing aid absorbs 1 to 1.5 times its weight in liquid and remains a free flowing, non-dusty material. This solves several formulation challenges associated with liquid dosage forms, including issues of stability and bioavailability.

SYLOID® XDP silica can also act as a substrate and enables the dry processing of self-emulsifying and self-micro emulsifying drug delivery systems. In addition, this patented technology enables manufacturers to achieve improved blend uniformity compared to traditional mixing methods. Handling and downstream processing are facilitated without any need for solvents or drying time.

“We are deeply committed to meeting evolving patient needs through new product innovation,” says Sandra Wisniewski, President, Grace Materials Technologies. “Giving our customers a new product that helps advance their formulations and deliver patient value is paramount to our objectives as an organization.”

The launch of SYLOID ® XDP silica follows the company’s acquisition on June 1, 2021 of the Fine Chemistry Services business previously operated by Albemarle Corporation. Grace’s Fine Chemical Manufacturing Services (FCMS) extends the company’s pharmaceutical portfolio and positions Grace as a leading CDMO in North America with complementary expertise at three facilities from coast to coast to support the customized development of APIs, cGMP intermediates and RSMs.

“Grace continues to lead the pharmaceutical industry with cutting edge technology, world class assets, customer-driven innovation, and advanced technical expertise – from bench to commercialization across the pharma supply chain,” adds Scott Martin, General Manager, Grace’s FCMS. “The acquisition aligned two complementary organizations – now one, that is dedicated to innovation that advances our customers’ commercial success.”

In addition to showcasing its processing and purification technologies at CPhI, Grace will present a session on excipients as part of the event’s Learning Lab series.

Show attendees are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the Grace team – either virtually or in-person – during the event. The company’s technical customer service team will be on-hand to help attendees with their specific development and manufacturing questions and requirements.