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Heidelberg Pharma Contracts ProBioGen for Cell Line Development and Manufacturing Services

Heidelberg Pharma Contracts ProBioGen for Cell Line Development and Manufacturing Services content piece image
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Berlin, a premier service and technology provider for complex therapeutic antibodies and glycoproteins, & Heidelberg Pharma AG, Ladenburg, Germany, today announced that Heidelberg Pharma has signed a Master Service Agreement for the antibodies used in two of their pipeline Antibody Targeted Amanitin Conjugate (ATAC) molecules.

Under the agreement, ProBioGen is conducting the full service package from cell line development using its CHO.RiGHT® cell line expression platform, incl. its novel DirectedLuck™ Transposase system for the generation of high titer producer clones, over process development till GMP manufacturing of the mAb intermediates of Heidelberg Pharma’s ATAC molecules for cancer indications.

“We are delighted to welcome Heidelberg Pharma, proven experts for the innovative active ingredient Amanitin and ADCs, to our list of international customers”, says Dr. Lutz Hilbrich (MD, MBA), Chief Executive Officer of ProBioGen. “Our longstanding, more than 25 years of experience and positive track record paired with always trend setting new technologies, convinced Heidelberg Pharma to work together with ProBioGen on two of their product candidates to advance them into clinical studies with the ultimate aim to serve and help patients in need. We are strongly committed to our customers and their needs, and in line with demand we are looking forward to continuous collaborations based on already increased and further increasing production capacity.”

“Working with the right partner is a critical element in developing a compelling product candidate”, said Dr. Jan Schmidt-Brand, Heidelberg Pharma’s Chief Executive Officer. “Thus we are excited to work with ProBioGen as they have both, the technical expertise and a very committed team. ProBioGen is well known in the community to provide highest quality in proven timelines. Heidelberg Pharma’s commitment to developing life-changing therapies for patients is a perfect match for their focus on the client’s needs.”