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Industry First Multi-Capillary System for CE-SDS

Industry First Multi-Capillary System for CE-SDS content piece image
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SCIEX presents the latest capillary electrophoresis solution, the BioPhase 8800 system. This is the only multi-capillary system for CE-SDS that processes eight samples simultaneously, retaining sample integrity and delivering consistent, accurate results.

The development of increasingly sophisticated biopharmaceutical therapies requires the ability to measure and monitor critical quality attributes in short timelines. The BioPhase 8800 system enables high throughput, sensitive CE-SDS and CIEF analysis, resulting in uncompromised accuracy for large sample sets. With this system, scientists can quickly understand molecular liabilities and ensure the development and manufacture of robust, stable biologics.

“Customers told us about their challenges transitioning to more innovative biologics where samples are getting numerous and more complex, and results are needed quicker. They are under pressure to close the developability gaps earlier in the development process and need faster analysis with confident results,” says Mani Krishnan, Vice President of CE & Biopharma. “Today, we are thrilled to usher in a new phase of biologic drug analysis with the BioPhase 8800 system as we continue our collaborations with biologics manufacturers at the forefront of innovation.”

Key features of the BioPhase 8800 system include:

  • Parallel processing of eight samples dramatically accelerates analysis and shortens new therapy development; experiment design speed can increase from 1 month to as quick as 1 week.
  • High throughput, precise quantitation of critical quality attributes for large sample sets delivers consistent, comparable data throughout the pipeline, from bioprocessing to R&D to QA/QC.
  • Integrated detection modules to switch between UV and UV-LIF detection makes it easy to go from one assay to the next without sacrificing performance.
  • Intuitive software interface and panel screen featuring a simple, drag and drop method and sequence creation complements innovative data analysis to accelerate characterization from start to finish.
  • Core biopharma applications through validated kits simplify operations and minimizes user error.

“We have a history of innovation to address customer needs – from the development of the industry first CE instrument, the P/ACE 2000, to the gold standard for CE-SDS analysis, the PA 800 system,” says Joe Fox, President at SCIEX. “Now, virtually every biologic drug in the market, and those undergoing clinical trials today use our PA 800 system for purity analysis. Innovated from the ground up to address the next generation of challenges, the BioPhase 8800 system is the next stage of this journey and we are excited to embark on it with our customers.”