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InSphero AG and Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd Enter Into Strategic Partnership

Cell culture in a 12-well plate.
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InSphero AG and Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd. are announcing a strategic partnership to distribute InSphero’s innovative product portfolio in Japan. This alliance, effective immediately, will see Cosmo Bio becoming the exclusive distributor of InSphero’s 3D cell-based assay solutions across the Japanese market.

InSphero, is known for its advanced 3D microtissues and assay services. It is widely employed by pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries for more accurate, cost-effective testing of new substances and ingredients.

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With its vast network and experience in life science product distribution, Cosmo Bio will allow the Swiss biotech company to deepen its footprint in the vital Japanese market. Paul Clémençon, Head of Business Development at InSphero, says: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Cosmo Bio. Their reputation as a leading supplier of life sciences reagents and instruments in Japan is impeccable. We firmly believe this collaboration will significantly boost the availability and adoption of our innovative 3D cell-based assay solutions in Japan. It’s a momentous day for us at InSphero as we continue to scale our international operations.”

The Cosmo Bio team echoes this excitement. Haruhisa Sakurai, Ph.D., CEO and President of Cosmo Bio, remarks: “InSphero’s products embody a leap forward in biotechnology. We are eager to distribute their leading-edge 3D cell culture technology to our customers. It is a privilege to partner with a company that shares our commitment to scientific innovation and customer satisfaction.”

Both companies anticipate that this partnership will significantly benefit researchers and enterprises in Japan, enabling them to access world-class 3D microtissue models for drug development, safety testing, and disease modeling