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Jean-Marc Huët To Succeed Albert M. Baehny as Chairman of Lonza

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After seven years as Board member and six years as Chairman of Lonza, Albert Baehny has decided to not stand for re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2024. The Board of Directors recognizes the instrumental role of Albert Baehny during his tenure, including leading the company as CEO ad interim during the pandemic and in the current transition to a new CEO.

The Board will propose to shareholders at the 2024 AGM the election of Jean-Marc Huët as the new Chairman of the Board. Jean-Marc Huët is the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Heineken N.V. and former Chief Financial Officer of Unilever, Bristol-Myers Squibb and the specialized nutrition company Royal Numico N.V. To ensure continuity and a seamless transition, Albert Baehny will remain CEO ad interim of Lonza until the new CEO commences their tenure.

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Albert Baehny joined the Board of Lonza in 2017 and assumed the role of Chairman in 2018. He steered the company through the pandemic, securing Lonza’s prominent role in contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. During his tenure, the company transformed from a chemical and pharma conglomerate to one of the world’s largest healthcare manufacturing organizations, serving the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutrition markets.

Christoph Mäder, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Lead Independent Director, Lonza, commented on Albert Baehny's achievements: "With his charismatic and visionary leadership, Albert Baehny has shaped the recent history of Lonza and developed the company into a global market leader in the rapidly growing CDMO industry. With his pioneering spirit, he also played a decisive role in enabling Lonza to make a significant contribution to the fight against the global pandemic."

Jean-Marc Huët, who grew up and currently lives in Switzerland, has a strong international leadership track record, with current chairmanships at Heineken and the private equity-owned premium caterer Vermaat Groep B.V., amongst other senior responsibilities. He has extensive international operational and strategic management experience in the consumer, pharma and nutrition industries as former Chief Financial Officer of Unilever, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Royal Numico N.V.

Albert Baehny commented: "I am very pleased that Jean-Marc Huët is nominated to succeed me as Chairman. With his comprehensive experience in the strategic and financial management of global companies, Jean-Marc is well placed to further develop Lonza in a constantly changing market and investor environment. With his profile, he fully meets the requirements defined by the Board of Directors to be Chairman for the next chapter in Lonza’s story.”