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Label-free Measurement of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxic Activity in Real-Time with the new xCELLigence System from Roche

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Natural killer (NK) cells have been implicated in the recognition and annihilation of tumor cells. As demonstrated in a series of experiments, the real-time impedance-based, label-free xCELLigence System from Roche is said to offer the only assay format so far to directly monitor NK cell mediated cytolysis without labelling the target cells and without using any chemical reporters.

In addition, the technology that was invented by ACEA Biosciences, a cooperation partner of Roche in San Diego, USA, allows accurate assessment of cytolytic activity by dynamically monitoring the entire history of cytolysis.

Monitoring of NK mediated cytotoxicity by measuring electronic impedance in real-time:

As shown in a series of experiments, the use of real time, impedance-based xCELLigence System offers an alternative for label-free in vitro research of NK cell-mediated cytotoxic activity with significant contributions in ease of use and quality of data.

The core of the xCELLigence System is the electrical impedance cell sensor arrays integrated into the bottom of microtiter plates which provide continuous, quantitative information about the biological status of attached cells. Any changes to cell number, size, morphology, or attachment quality will be detected in real-time without the use of reporter reagents. The integrated software allows data to be collected and saved automatically as often as every minute over virtually any time period.