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Lonza Launches PowerCHO Advance™ Media

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The new PowerCHO Advance™ Media line offers easy filterability, improved cell-growth promotion and high protein titers. In addition to being hydrolysate-free, serum-free and of non-animal origin, the PowerCHO Advance™ Media offerings are now further enhanced to better support high-density CHO cells in suspension. For therapeutic bioprocessing applications, this medium also facilitates both downstream purification and regulatory compliance.

PowerCHO Advance™ Media allow for easy scalability, so users do not need to change to a new medium as they progress from research projects through to large-scale production. The medium is also fully chemically defined, which eases the regulatory process when transitioning from research into clinical trials and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submission. The balanced formulation allows users to maintain high viability (greater than 90%), even at high cell densities while it has also been shown to provide higher protein titer when compared with leading media formulations on the market. 

Amber Jones, Lonza’s Product Manager Media, explains: “The addition of PowerCHO Advance™ Media offerings demonstrates Lonza’s commitment to providing scientists efficient, reliable, cost-effective cell culture media that can be used throughout the research process and beyond.”