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Metrion Biosciences Enhances High Throughput Screening Services With Access to Enamine Compound Libraries

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Metrion Biosciences Limited (“Metrion”), and Enamine Ltd (“Enamine”), announced that Metrion has enhanced its High Throughput Screening (HTS) services with the addition of access to Enamine’s compound libraries.


The Enamine compound library collection is the largest in the world and includes both CNS and ion channel focused target libraries. The libraries can be split into discrete screening sets, enabling increased flexibility and efficiencies in screening and target identification. In addition, ‘analog-by-catalog’ from Enamine in-stock and ‘make-on-demand REAL libraries’ present a fast and economical solution for hit expansion and SAR (structure-activity relationships) studies.

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To ensure diversity and cost-efficiency, researchers can access specialist advice from Metrion’s team of ion channel and HTS experts to determine the most effective approach. The Company will also provide a Structured Data File of all libraries to compare against existing libraries, further increasing efficiency.


Metrion’s HTS capabilities were launched in November 2022 as an addition to its extensive preclinical ion channel drug discovery and safety pharmacology services, to complement the Company’s automated and conventional electrophysiology services. Metrion’s HTS capabilities include 384 well screening via FLIPR Penta and Qube-384 systems. The services provide significant additional capacity and flexibility to support ion channel drug discovery projects for the Company’s global client base.


Gary Clark, Director of Screening Technologies, Metrion Biosciences, said: “The combination of our specialist ion channel expertise with substantial HTS and hit-finding experience gives customers access to a dedicated team of drug discovery scientists, ensuring the correct strategic choices are made in compounds selected for screening. This additional access to the highest quality screening libraries from Enamine increases diversity and enables Metrion to maximise R&D budgets even more effectively.”


Vladimir Ivanov, Executive Vice President, Enamine, commented: “Enamine is focused on delivering novel chemical compounds to support drug discovery. We are delighted that Metrion is adding access to our libraries to its HTS services offering. Enamine is also able to support subsequent steps of the discovery process including hit resupply, analoging from our in-stock and make-on-demand REAL libraries, and custom synthesis of advanced hits and leads.”