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NEOsphere Biotechnologies Partners With Kymera Therapeutics for Novel Molecular Glue Target Discovery

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NEOsphere Biotechnologies GmbH, a German biotechnology company pioneering high-throughput proteomics to systematically build broad and unique portfolios of novel degrader targets at scale, announced a collaboration with Kymera Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: KYMR) focused on unlocking undrugged or poorly drugged disease-causing protein targets that can be only or best addressed by Targeted Protein Degradation.

Under the agreement, NEOsphere Biotechnologies will utilize its target- and E3-agnostic platform to screen molecular glue compounds on a proteome-wide level and in a native context. Identified target candidates will be mechanistically validated by global ubiquitinomics, providing unparalleled insights to support Kymera’s robust drug discovery engine. NEOsphere Biotechnologies will receive an upfront payment and is eligible to success-based milestone payments.

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“We are thrilled to collaborate with Kymera, a global leader in developing highly innovative degrader medicines. This partnership validates the unique potential of NEOsphere Biotechnologies’ platform to systematically explore the target space for molecular glues,” said Prof. Henrik Daub, CSO, and founder of NEOsphere Biotechnologies. “NEOsphere Biotechnologies and Kymera share a strong commitment to innovation and to advance degrader discovery to the next level. By combining Kymera's exceptional drug discovery capabilities with our ability to swiftly identify and proteomically validate novel targets, even for entire compound libraries, we aim to create valuable opportunities to target previously undruggable disease-causing proteins.”

Molecular glue degraders harness the cellular ubiquitin-proteasome system to selectively eliminate disease-causing proteins that are inaccessible with existing technologies, making them a promising therapeutic approach to address a variety of diseases in areas of high unmet need. NEOsphere Biotechnologies’ innovative technology identifies molecular glue targets at a speed that enables immediate compound optimization during ongoing screening. This presents a unique opportunity to significantly expand degrader target portfolios and to unlock the full potential of molecular glues.