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New Brunswick Scientific Launches FibraStage™ Disposable Cell Culture System

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New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc. has announced the roll-out of FibraStage™, a disposable cell culture system in the Company's extensive range of equipment for culture growth, detection and storage.

According to New Brunswick Scientific President and Chief Operating Officer James Orcutt, the FibraStage system provides all of the advantages of existing pre-sterilized, single-use cell culture systems - eliminating the need for cleaning and autoclaving - while at the same time offering reduced operating cost, compact size and high yields of protein, virus or cell mass from anchorage-dependent or suspension cultures.

Orcutt explained, “At the heart of the FibraStage system is a console base that accommodates up to four 500 ml disposable culture vessels pre-filled with patented FibraCel® disks.”

“FibraCel is a solid-support matrix designed to provide an increased surface area for cell growth, resulting in higher cell densities.”

“A single FibraStage system can eliminate the need to maintain numerous spinner flasks, dozens of roller bottles and hundreds of T-flasks.”

“Thus far in 2005, we have launched several innovative new products including two biological shakers and the FibraStage system.”

“We look forward to the roll-out of additional products and product enhancements during the year's final quarter and continuing throughout 2006,” Orcutt concluded.

Applications for the FibraStage cell culture system include virus and vaccine production, gene therapy/drug discovery, human proteome, and cell therapy and tissue engineering.