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New Sartorius Digital Handbook Brings the Power of Advanced Flow Cytometry to Every Scientist

The Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook.
Credit: iQue.
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Sartorius, has released its first Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook as a comprehensive digital guide to assays and workflows on the iQue® Advanced High Throughput Flow Cytometry Platform.


This handbook is designed as a go-to reference for every flow cytometry user.  Scientists using traditional systems will learn how routine workflows can benefit from the speed, throughput, and multiplexing capabilities offered by the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform.  Labs already familiar with the iQue® Platform can stay up to date on new reagents, assay kits, and software releases, as well as the latest Sartorius publications featuring the applications of advanced flow cytometry in both popular and emerging fields.

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Similar to Sartorius’ other popular digital handbooks, readers will enjoy easy navigation to topics of interest, informative workflow illustrations, detailed application examples, and direct links to external resources for continued learning.  Handbook chapters feature iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry applications in Cell Health, Secreted Proteins, Cell Line Development, Biologics Discovery, Immune Cell Models, and Cell Therapy.  Each chapter presents streamlined protocols and validated mix-and-read assays, in addition to publication-ready data figures generated on the integrated iQue Forecyt® software.


The chapter on Secreted Proteins highlights a unique advantage of the iQue® Platform: the ability to combine both cells and beads (Qbeads®) in the same assay, allowing simultaneous assessment of biologically relevant secreted proteins and cytokines.  Later chapters demonstrate how this enhanced multiplexing capability translates into richer biological insights in antibody discovery and immune profiling research.