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New Webinar on ambr15 as a Sedimentation-Perfusion Model for Cultivation Characteristics and Product Quality Prediction

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) has announced that it will be presenting a new bioprocess webinar with Glycotope, a global leader in glyco-optimisation of biopharmaceuticals, on Wednesday, February 17th. Two live events (at 09.00 GMT and 16.00 GMT) will detail how Glycotope is using the ambr® 15 cell culture automated micro bioreactor system as a sedimentation-perfusion model to accelerate bioprocess development of protein-based therapeutics. 

During the one-hour webinar, Dr Barney Zoro, ambr 15 Product Manager at SSB, will introduce ambr 15, the industry gold standard cell culture micro bioreactor. He will briefly describe the potential of the ambr 15 system to accelerate bioprocess development with industry data demonstrating the consistency and scalability of ambr 15 micro bioreactors when compared to benchtop and larger scale bioreactors. 

Steffen Kreye, USP Development Scientist at Glycotope, will outline Glycotope’s use of the ambr 15 system as a micro-scale model for perfusion bioreactor cultures using Glycotope’s fully human, high yield production and glyco optimisation platform GlycoExpress (GEX) characterized by unmet reproducibility and scalability. The down-scale sedimentation-perfusion model system “SAM” achieves 99.9% cell retention for GEX and CHO cells.

Kreye will discuss how the ambr 15 ”SAM” cultures show excellent correlation for cell growth, metabolite and product quality profiles to 1L perfusion cultures with ATF™ or Centritech®. He will also detail how the ambr 15 “SAM” approach reproducibly predicts high quality attributes of GEX products at large scales and successfully predicts responses in VCD and titre to feed additives - not fully achievable with batch or chemostat culture.

To join the webinar and receive a recording to listen to on-demand, scientists should register at: 


Dr Barney Zoro, ambr 15 Product Manager, at SSB stated: "I am delighted to be hosting a webinar with Steffen Kreye, where he will discuss how the ambr 15 system is being used with a specialized cell line in perfusion culture as a micro-scale model to develop robust, high performance bioprocesses.” 

Zoro concluded: “Scientists using or moving towards cell culture micro bioreactors or larger scale perfusion processes should register today for this exciting webinar to learn how using the ambr 15 technology can help to deliver faster and more cost-effective development of higher quality protein-based therapies.”