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“One-Stop Metabolite Shop” For Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Research and Development

“One-Stop Metabolite Shop” For Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Research and Development content piece image
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Hypha Discovery, has launched its “One-Stop Metabolite Shop” to provide a complete solution for provision of small molecule drug metabolites to pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies worldwide.

Over the last eight years, Hypha has developed a microbial and mammalian biotransformation platform, for biotransforming drugs and agrochemicals into metabolites and environmental fate derivatives that could not be made using conventional synthetic methods.

It has added to its existing portfolio of services the capability to chemically synthesize glucuronide metabolites using proprietary methods that modify the parent compound. Thus, Hypha is offering a combination of both biological and chemical techniques, i.e. a one-stop offering for all metabolite exploration needs, designed such that clients could quickly establish a method to identify and scale up any type of metabolite.