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Online Cell Monitoring with Bionas® 2500 Analyzing System

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Bionas GmbH has launched a device for in vitro profiling the metabolic activity of cells to understand cellular function.

Bionas® 2500 is a bench-top instrument that measures multiple metabolic parameters simultaneously like acidification, oxygen consumption and adhesion of living cells for high quality and predictive safety pharmacology studies during preclinical phases of drug discovery.
The label-free and non-invasive live cell-based assay employs sensor chips that replace the conventional bottom of culture wells. Various cell types including primary cells have been tested.

The readout is carried out continuously over long periods of time and can be watched online revealing a deeper insight in cellular function than possible with endpoint-based assays. Regeneration effects can also be monitored.
Bionas® 2500 analyzing system closely mimics the in vivo situation and
- aids compound selection during preclinical phases of drug discovery
- reduces needless animal studies

Main applications include drug profiling, lead optimization, early toxicology programs, ADME/Tox, chemosensitivity testing, toxicological testing of chemical substances (REACH) and cell culture monitoring/optimization.