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OptiCell® Simplifies and Improves Cell Culture Practices

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OptiCell has announced the launch of OptiCell MAX, incorporates OptiCell®'s design and performance properties, making it the ideal tool for continuous laboratory-scale production of monoclonal antibodies from antibody-expressing hybridoma cell lines.

OptiCell MAX is comprised of a hermetically sealed, sterile chamber that is accessible through integrated self-sealing ports that provide a sterile fluid path to the chamber interior.

In OptiCell MAX, antibody-expressing hybridoma cells are incubated in 30 ml of media, enabling the harvesting of antibodies three times a week by simply extracting 20 ml of the supernatant at each harvest.

Under continuous hybridoma-antibody production, the hybridoma cells are not disturbed, thereby eliminating the need to spin down cells at each collection of the supernatant.

In this manner, and due to its sterility integrity, a single OptiCell MAX can be used in hybridoma antibody production for weeks at a time.

OptiCell claims that, optiCell MAX offers a number of advantages (benefits) over the use of flasks and other laboratory devices for laboratory-scale monoclonal antibody production: (1) more rapid production with resultant high yields of concentrated monoclonal antibodies; (2) simpler operation with reduced material and labor requirements; (3) more cost-effective.

OptiCell's patented design and construction make it the ideal tool for cell culture and subsequent procedures including in situ microscopy, time lapse studies, in situ immunocytostaining, transfections, single-cell cloning, and shipping live cells - direct from incubator to mailer to incubator.

Cells are in contact with media at all times, facilitating OptiCell's use in automated cell culture practices.