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Putting the Spotlight on Developability Platforms

Putting the Spotlight on Developability Platforms content piece image
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Abzena is showcasing its new Developability Service, enabling biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to improve lead selection and de-risk cell line development, at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2019 being held 9–13 December, on Booth #414 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego in San Diego, California.

Building on recent insights from assessing hundreds of drug candidates, Abzena launched its Developability Service in 2019 to help overcome the key challenges of drug design and select lead candidates with the best chances of clinical success. The platform evaluates specificity, functionality, safety and manufacturability of antibodies in an effort to reduce the risk, time and expenditure commonly required to progress multiple lead candidates through costly cell line development and manufacturing runs.

Campbell Bunce Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Abzena, commented: "Developing biotherapeutics typically entails a great deal of risk, cost and time, particularly during later stages of development. Abzena’s Developability Service provides biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with insights on liabilities and risk factors early in the development process to help identify the next generation of antibodies that stand the best chance of succeeding in the clinic."

As part of the company’s presence at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2019, Abzena will host a scientific session exploring how developability assessment can limit the risk and expenditure of entering later costly stages of development with multiple lead candidates. Arron Hearn, Group Leader, Protein Engineering at Abzena, will present on "Developability: Evaluating Specificity, Immunogenicity, Functionality, and Manufacturability for Lead Candidate Selection" at 1.15–1.45pm on 10 December.