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Recombinant Launches Healthcare Data Warehouse and Quality Reporting Suite

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Recombinant Data Corp., a data warehousing and clinical intelligence solutions company, is launching a suite of products developed in collaboration with Partners HealthCare to help healthcare providers make secondary use of clinical data from EHRs (electronic health records) to achieve higher quality outcomes.

Recombinant’s technology and business model offer providers an incremental approach to realize immediate value from their data while working toward a long-range enterprise vision.

The product suite is the result of a three-year collaboration between Partners HealthCare and Recombinant to build solutions that address the enterprise reporting challenges of one of the nation’s leading integrated healthcare systems.

At the suite’s core is the Recombinant Data Trust, which integrates and cleanses data from multiple data sources to generate a high quality, trusted analytical health repository. Recombinant Report Central uses data from the Data Trust to deliver actionable, evidence-based reports to providers about their patient populations.

The Data Trust also powers Recombinant’s translational research solution based on the NIH’s i2b21 open source technology. Recombinant’s single-source data solution fosters collaboration between clinicians and researchers, and distributes the infrastructure cost across key user communities.

Through an exclusive agreement with Partners HealthCare, Recombinant is commercially releasing Report Central and has begun implementing it in two hospital systems.