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Rentschler Expands European Manufacturing Capabilities

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH have announced a joint celebration to mark the handover of GE Healthcare’s 1000th ÄKTAprocess™ and the expansion of Rentschler’s biopharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities in Laupheim, Germany.

ÄKTAprocess, GE’s automated process and manufacturing scale chromatography system, has gone into operation as part of Rentschler’s recently expanded single-use manufacturing suite.

GE biomanufacturing technologies such as the XDR 2000L bioreactor, the associated seed trains of 50, 200 and 500 L as well as the new ÄKTAprocess play a key role in Rentschler’s new single-use manufacturing line.

Peter Rogge, VP USP Production, Rentschler, commented, “This line will further enhance our ability to deliver high quality projects for companies around the globe and is providing increased capacity in Europe of next-generation manufacturing capabilities. GE continues to have the innovative tools and expertise to deliver the high quality products and services demanded by companies like us.”

Emmanuel Ligner, GM Global Commercial, BioProcess, added: “Rentschler has the depth of experience and high-quality infrastructure to support the manufacture of the most challenging complex biotherapeutics. I am delighted to formally hand over the 1000th ÄKTAprocess and to see the new single use line featuring the GE XDR 2000L. Our relationship with Rentschler began almost 20 years ago and we are proud to have been able to support their growth over so many years. We look forward to supporting them as they adapt and expand to meet the future needs of the industry.”