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RNA 9000 Purity and Integrity Kit Allows for Critical High-Resolution Analysis for mRNA Therapeutics

RNA 9000 Purity and Integrity Kit Allows for Critical High-Resolution Analysis for mRNA Therapeutics content piece image
Credit: Pixabay
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At TIDES 2022, SCIEX launches the RNA 9000 Purity & Integrity kit, for the BioPhase 8800 system and PA 800 Plus system.

As genomic medicine takes center stage and the demand for RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines grows, the integrity and quality of RNA species is increasingly important. Scientists have been faced with complex methods that have low resolution and poor transferability, as they work to accelerate therapeutic drug development and meet critical timelines. For intact mRNA analysis, scientists need validated, production-ready methods and instrument platforms that allow them to confidently distinguish desired therapeutic products from unwanted impurities.

This RNA 9000 Purity and Integrity kit is a purpose-built, high resolution analysis method for mRNA therapeutics. It was specifically designed to provide significantly higher resolution for a wide variety of therapeutically-relevant mRNA classes, from 50-9,000 bases.

“For scientists, this kit has the power and capability to transform the analysis of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines. Not only can it be used for final product quality control to assess quality and length post nanoparticle or viral vector encapsulation, but it can also be used during early-stage development immediately following IVT (in-vitro transcribe) to ensure the integrity and size of the mRNA payload is what the researchers are targeting. This kit is truly a unique solution with its analytical resolution,” said Jérémie Parot PhD, Research Scientist at SINTEF.

“The ability to help biopharmaceutical developers accelerate the development of RNA-based medicines and bridge the developability gap can bring more life-changing medicines to market,” said Susan Darling, Senior Director of CE and Biopharma at SCIEX. “Compatibility with both the BioPhase 8800 system and the PA 800 Plus system means scientists have the ability to run the assay in a 21cfr part 11b compliant way, across instruments, across sites, across the globe.”

With this kit, scientists could expect to:

• Minimize time to market with exceptional reproducibility, experiment to experiment
• Estimate a target therapeutic size
• Experiment with minimal sample material and have the ability to detect low level impurities present in samples