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Sengenics Corporation Launches I-Ome Discovery To Advance Immune Biomarker Discovery and Development

A microarray result.
Credit: National Cancer Institute / Unsplash.
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Sengenics Corporation LLC, announced the launch of i-Ome Discovery, a comprehensive protein microarray platform for the analysis of autoantibodies associated with disease diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. The i-Ome Discovery platform was developed to support academic and clinical biopharmaceutical research teams who are seeking to better understand the dynamic interactions and relationships between proteins, the immune system, and disease.


i-Ome Discovery leverages Sengenics’ patented KREX® technology, which presents full-length autoantigen proteins that are properly folded and fully functional, allowing for highly sensitive, specific, and reproducible autoantibody detection. I-Ome Discovery provides over 1,800 autoantigens that were selected for their biological relevance to several diseases including cancer, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative disorders.

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“Sengenics is excited to release this immunoproteomic discovery platform to the research community which is seeking new biomarker signatures for patient stratification, therapeutic response prediction, and diagnostic development,” said Jerry Williamson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sengenics. “Immune proteomic profiling adds a new dimension of novel insights to a variety of biological applications. The use of autoantibodies as biomarkers is growing rapidly and the need for tools that are biologically relevant and reproducible with interpretable results is clear. I-Ome Discovery meets these important criteria.”


“The human proteome is vast, but only a small subset of the more than one million proteoforms represent plausible autoantigens in disease. Sengenics offers a highly multiplexed, quantitative approach through our i-Ome Discovery platform that maximizes the potential for discovery and the validation of reproducible, biologically relevant, true autoantigenic epitopes,” said Professor Jonathan Blackburn, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Sengenics. “Central to this solution is a proprietary AI-based informatics pipeline that enables the identification of robust autoantibody signatures that are diagnostic and/or prognostic of disease and treatment response, and which can stratify diseased patients according to underlying molecular mechanisms. i-Ome Discovery thus represents a powerful new enabling tool for precision medicine research that minimizes false discovery due to non-specific antibody binding to disease-irrelevant, unfolded antigens found using other detection platforms.”


The i-Ome Discovery array is for research use only and can be accessed as a service through the Sengenics Microarray Assay Laboratory, or it can be run as an Assay Kit in qualified customer labs. Expert bioinformatics analysis of the data produced by i-Ome Discovery is provided to all customers to ensure the accurate interpretation of results.