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Spinnovation Biologics Beats Targets

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Echoing a trend in the growth of biologics and biosimilars market, technology provider Spinnovation Biologics has tripled its client base over the past twelve months.

This growth has come from within biotech and pharma industries focused on the research, development and manufacture of biologics products, and has led to an increased demand for the company’s Spedia-NMR™ spent media service.

The success has allowed the company to expand into the US bioprocess and biologics markets, with its first permanent business development presence in Pennsylvania.

Spinnovation Biologics is renowned for its expertise in ‘Spent Media Analysis’ with Spedia-NMR™. This technology delivers detailed, rapid, cost-effective, quantitative and multiplex analysis of cell culture media.

The growing interest from pharma/biotech has come from a need to trouble-shoot problems during bioprocess development and to optimize feeding strategies for biologics manufacture and for the preparation of clinical trial batches.

The Spedia-NMR™ technology’s rapid turnaround, in evaluation of cell culture media components, metabolites and concentrations is addressing unmet needs for biologics and biosimilar production.

Spinnovation’s reputation and outstanding service impressed Bram Bout, Chief Technology Officer at Profibrix who said, “Spinnovation’s Spedia-NMR™ service gave us rapid and efficient access to the concentration profiles of feed components and metabolites relevant to fine tune our cell culture process.” and Vivalis declared: “The Spedia-NMR™ service brings new insights into our cell lines metabolism which enables us to further optimize its performance."

Dr Frederic Girard, CEO and co-founder of Spinnovation commented, “Spedia-NMR™ has come at an important time for the biologics and biosimilars industry and as we engage with more teams in this sector, we’re seeing additional ways to develop the technology and associated services even further to meet specific challenges in development, production and manufacturing.”