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The Native Antigen Company Introduces Antigen and Antibody Conjugation Kits

The Native Antigen Company Introduces Antigen and Antibody Conjugation Kits content piece image
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The Native Antigen Company, suppliers of reagents that enable research into vaccines and diagnostics for emerging and endemic infectious diseases, has announced the commercial release of its liquid format conjugation kits. The kits utilize a novel chemistry to generate reproducible antigen and antibody conjugates with a range of different labels, including enzymes, fluorochromes and biotin.

The conjugation kits are designed to be multi-use, license-free and fully scalable. These kits sit alongside the company’s existing portfolio of products to provide researchers with the opportunity to prepare stable conjugates, either from The Native Antigen Company’s selection of viral and bacterial reagents or from their own in-house reagents.

The conjugation of antigens and antibodies to different enzymes and fluorochromes for use in immunoassays and other applications is often limited by the ability to prepare stable and reproducible conjugates. The Native Antigen Company’s conjugation kits intend to provide a flexible solution that allows researchers to generate bespoke liquid-stable antigen and antibody conjugate formats for use in a broad range of research applications. Incorporation is aimed to be efficient, helping to ensure lot-to-lot consistency, low backgrounds and improved assay sensitivity.

The kits are available with a range of different labels including alkaline phosphatase, horseradish peroxidase, fluorescein isothiocyanate, r-phycoerythrin and biotin, and include all of the reagents needed to conjugate proteins at optimal ratios. The liquid format requires no reconstitution and the kits are fully scalable from 0.01mg, to gram scale, meaning small scale trial conjugations can be rapidly developed into large scale conjugations.