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Waters Announces Oasis Sorbent Selection Tools and Methodology

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Waters Corporation has announced the release of the company’s Oasis® Sorbent Selection Toolkits to complement a series of seminars explaining Oasis 2x4 Method strategy.

The toolkits feature an Oasis Sorbent Selection 96-well Plate and the Oasis Sorbent Selection Cartridge kit. Both toolkits contain four Oasis mixed-mode ion exchange sorbents.

The Oasis 2x4 Method provides a straightforward approach for the selection of the optimum solid-phase extraction (SPE) method for almost all classes and mixtures of compounds. 

Scientists can simply select from only 2 protocols and 4 sorbents to extract acids, bases and neutrals with high SPE recoveries while removing interfering matrix components.

Waters claims that, when used in combination with the Sorbent Selection Toolkits, the Oasis 2x4 Method provides scientists with the fastest, simplest and cleanest approach to SPE method development. 

According to Michael Early, sample preparation manager at Waters Corporation, "Scientists using mass spectrometry now have a straightforward development approach to quickly and easily prepare, clean and concentrate samples so their analytical equipment can generate more reproducible, sensitive and accurate results."

An application note demonstrating this approach with an example that separates plasma samples containing compounds of a commercially available allergy and sinus tablet mixture of acids and bases is available online.